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Established in 2016, Fine Watch Bank was created from the vision of two men brought together for their passion for the finest and most unique timepieces in the world. A relationship spanning more than 23 years saw the pair experience many aspects of the Swiss watch industry. From retailer to collector, this experience has allowed them to offer an exquisite collection of new timepieces ranging from the most sought-after grand complication to the toughest of sports watches.

The vision was to become the leading timepiece specialist in the world and to create a business that offers the world the highest quality of fine timepieces while offering a trusted and experienced VIP service. Designed to pay homage to the world’s finest watch houses, Fine Watch Bank is dedicated to uphold the integrity of these bastions of time, while offering collectors an opportunity to own some of the rarest and most unique models.

With a team of experts trained at the highest level in brands such as Rolex, Jaeger Le Coultre, IWC, Lange & Sohne, and Patek Philippe, Fine Watch Bank is dedicated to ensuring that all timepieces sold are subjected to strict inspections, to ensure that each piece is authentic and maintained to the standards of the Manufacturer.

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