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Cartier Watches for Sale

Cartier was created in Paris in 1847 by renowned master jeweler Louis Francois Cartier. His son Alfred and three grandsons Louis, Pierre and Jacques all became involved in the brand and were each head of the Maison consecutively.

All of the young men followed their lofty ambitions for the company. In 1899, the Maison opened their first boutique in Paris on Rue de la Paix. The area was the distinguished cosmopolitan hub of the city and intrigued the rich and famous from all over the world. With their tremendous goals in mind, the three brothers sought to build an empire in Paris and had their eyes set on covering the globe.

In 1904, two of the brothers ventured to Russia, where they established the business and became the favorite jeweler for Russian royal families as well as aristocrats. A few years later in 1909, Cartier announced the opening of their boutique on New Bond Street in London, where the British aristocracy came in masses so that they could own a piece of jewelry from this iconic brand. Some years later, Louis Cartier’s grandson, Jacques, was assigned the responsibility of the U.K. branch of the business. He quickly put together a clientele which included several of the Indian royal families. Shortly following, Cartier was entrusted with a great amount of rare and precious stones. The brand commissioned to re-set these stones in Cartier’s modern designs. Throughout its history, the brand has contrived jewelry and vintage Cartier watches for some of the world’s most affluential and influential people, cementing themselves as one of finest jewelers today.

The Long History of Vintage Cartier Watches

Since the late 19th Century, Cartier has been a Pioneer in fine watchmaking. In the early years, these time-pieces were mainly used as part of jeweled necklaces and pocket watches adorned with stones and enamelling. Cartier could also see that the future of time-pieces was wrist bound and designed some of the world’s first wrist-watches. The “Santos de Cartier” was the earliest and one of the most quintessential designs. In 1917, Cartier created the most iconic wrist-watch, the Tank de Cartier. Taken from the mechanical design of a world war one style tank, the smooth and orderly lines made it one of the most sought after rectangular shaped watches.

Today, Cartier has positioned itself in the world of “Fine Watchmaking”, which suits the heritage of the brand. The range has developed, with exclusive designs such as Perpetual Calendars, Annual Calendars, World Times and Tourbillion escapement watches.

Each movement is designed and manufactured in-house ensuring that the quality is of the highest standards. The brand is constantly researching and developing new and more complicated time-pieces, while also using their knowledge and expertise of the artisan arts and techniques. Explore our private collection of new Cartier watches for sale.